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Seeking Stability for a Fluctuating income

If commission is a player for your income, chances are you know what it feels like to be up one month and down the other. Fact is, some deals don’t close exactly when you need them to and sometimes they close when you least expect it. That’s part of the joy and heartbreak that keeps Business Development and Sales an interesting career.  But what about those of us that desire a little less stress when the mortgage payment comes due, or those of us trying to plan for a future that can change at any time?

Establish Quality of Life Goals

This is the basis of the journey we take together. We first must establish a desired Quality of Life. How we measure this varies from person to person, but two common denominators are money and stress. I have found that clients with a lower level of stress and a higher quality of life actually close more deals. They have the security and stability that will help them maintain the lifestyle they lead and that confidence shows through in the meetings they hold. With a clear picture of your desired lifestyle, we can work towards that goal.

Examine Income and Expenses and Identify Free Cashflows

Although your income may fluctuate, your expenses likely don’t. My clients have a firm grasp on where their money is going and why. Each period, we have identified free cash outside of expenses and spending that is then invested with the objective of providing stability and accruing wealth for their goals.

Examine Assets

Examining the household balance sheet is crucial to understanding the financial wellness of any individual but even more so for commission-based professionals. I will help you identify tools that you already have that can assist in working toward stability and we will form a strategy that aims to help you build your assets to help support your future.

Formulate a Financial Plan that meets Quality of Life Goals

After establishing the desired lifestyle, we plan for that lifestyle. That plan is Quality of Life oriented. My purpose is to guide you on the path towards the goals we have established whilst managing the assets and resources we have allocated towards that goal.

Invest in your future

Because your life can be irregular, your portfolio and your advisor must be dynamic. My investment style seeks to mitigate risk and maximize return whilst maintaining liquidity. Liquidity is one of the most important factors to my clients because they need to know that in an emergency, they can get cash in hand. Once we have established a strategy that seeks to provide stability, we then look further into the future for goals like retirement, college planning, or even large purchases. All along the way we use risk analysis tools that help me understand and manage assets we have built based on your individual risk tolerance.

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Richard Widick

LPL Financial Planner & Wealth Strategist



Richard Widick joined LPL in August of 2020. Richard completed his MBA in December of 2021 and has chosen to build his business as an LPL Financial Planner & Wealth Strategist at Cultivate Wealth Management. Richard is a Lakeland...

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