Our Process

Our Wealth Management Process is rooted in the relationship we have with you. When cultivating our relationship, we look for you to educate us on what is most important to you.  Together, we will combine the vast resources available to us to create a comprehensive plan and strive toward the goals and objectives that we have collaboratively prioritized.

We believe that the most important driver to your success has more to do with the relationship you have with your wealth management team and less to do with money.

Meeting You – First Impressions

We start with a conversation to determine if we are the most appropriate fit for you. The basis of any relationship begins with trust. The designation of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional requires us to act in a fiduciary capacity when offering personalized financial advice. This means that we act in your best interest. Our initial interview will be an opportunity for us to better understand what is important to you and how we may be the most appropriate fit to address your specific goals, objectives, values and concerns.

Gathering Your Data

Our next meeting will entail a comprehensive data gathering session. We will review your current asset location, asset titling and asset allocation. Utilizing Financial Planning and Risk Assessment tools during this meeting will enable us to move to the proposal phase to address your specific goals, objectives, values and concerns.

Reviewing Your Plan with You

The third meeting will include a review of the plan we have created together. We will make necessary revisions to the plan to ensure that your goals, objectives, values and concerns are appropriately prioritized and are coordinated with your long-term and short-term plans.

Implementing Your Plan

Implementing the plan is the next step and perhaps the most critical. Putting your plan into action will bring the strategy to life and begin the Cultivating of Your Wealth.

Monitoring Your Plan

The process is never-ending as we continue to monitor the progress of the plan to ensure that we are, in fact, addressing your specific goals, objectives, values and concerns. Frequent and regularly scheduled meetings are customized to your needs. As your needs change, so does your plan and we continue Cultivating our Relationship with you.